Outdoor sports

Never look at a map again!

Navigate with ease when running, cycling, motorcycling, hunting, skiing, kayaking.

If it works well for the world’s best Special Forces, it will work well for you!

Outdoor sports

TrekAce® is the world’s first practical, wearable multi-sensory navigation aid that guides and leads users intuitively in any outdoor activity; from the world’s most extreme and demanding environments to the challenges of urban navigation. TrekAce® gives athletes and adventurers peace of mind when they need it most. Using robotic haptic sensations, the TrekAce® is a truly instinctive navigational aid that can get you there – and back – safer and quicker. There’s no need to look at a map again. Focus on the task at hand and let TrekAce® guide you to your destination.

coming in 2021

The first of its kind, the TrekAce® wearable Multi-sensory navigation device.


leaving your hands totally free for the task.


it ergonomically pulses to guide you.


it has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Shockproof and water-resistant

it’s designed and built to withstand harsh environments.

Safe, distraction-free navigation

frees you from the need to stop and look at a map or focus on complex signals.

Intuitive design

it’s easy to understand and operate.

Long battery life

Full week with normal usage and it’s rechargeable.

Outdoor activities, sports, and adventures

Hiking | On/Off-road Running | On/Off-road Cycling | Mountaineering | Hunting |Orienteering | Snow sports | Fishing | Mountain climbing | Kayaking | And more!


TrekAce® is the only practical solution for bikers. In order to stay safe, bikers can’t be distracted by looking at a map or be attentive to sound directions.

Casual Navigation

Navigate easily through new cities, discover new places, and revisit existing ones easily and with confidence. TrekAce® is every traveler’s indispensable navigational aid. Great for the jungle…and the urban jungle.