About Us

About Us

TrekAce® Technologies delivers ground-breaking navigation, communication, and situational-awareness innovations that excel where others fail.

These full-scale patented solutions – GPS/non-GPS navigation, situation awareness, 3D mapping, communication applications, and a revolutionary wearable TACTILE monitor – change users’ performance as we know it and enable them to thrive in any given situation or context…no matter how intensive it may be.

TrekAce® supports users where they need it most and tackles the most demanding verticals: Automotive and Autonomous, Outdoor sports, and Defense and HLS.

The challenge to solve:

TrekAce’s technology enhances your performance and situational awareness by overcoming basic human limitations:

  • The human brain can’t process two sound instructions at the same time. There’s an overlap. Using Waze AND having a phone call?! You will usually miss turns…
  • The human brain can’t effectively process movement and visual instructions (information) at the same time. It’s simply too much. There’s an overload. This limitation contributes significantly to plane crashes, it’s why you can't read while walking, why Heads Up Display (HUD) isn't effective for ground usage, and the reason so many kids get hurt by playing Pokémon GO.
  • Navigation is not innate for humans. It requires cognitive skills, extended training, supporting tools, techniques, and technologies. Without GPS, people and ECUs are literally lost.

These fundamental limitations are amplified when humans are under stress (loud noises, adrenaline, fatigue, fear, etc.) or information-overload which makes it even harder to perform and be situation aware when it’s most critical.

Our Solution

The TrekAce® solution is an actual system composed of a wearable device, a tactile monitor, and an “AppStore” with applications (apps) that operate and optimize the wearable. The apps and the wearable are not co-dependent. They can work separately though they excel operating together to support the user in the harshest settings.

TrekAce® Core

An ergonomic wearable tactile robotic sleeve, TrekAce® Core transforms the traditional forms of UI and communication (sound and vision) into an intuitive tactile language utilizing pulsations and vibrations.

This tactile language is the perfect yet unutilized channel for message reception. It compensates for the aforementioned limitations of the other senses and thereby reduces the user’s cognitive overlap and overload.

The Core’s patented structure, layout, and positioning provide the following benefits:

  • Undisturbed reception (no fat, muscles, cold buffers)
  • Clear message differentiation (for wide vocabulary)
  • Unobstructed comfort (no other wearable devices competing for space)

TrekAce® Software Applications

As an actual “AppStore” of advanced and unique applications, TrekAce® Software Applications enable users to thrive in any situation or context and delivers, for the first time, complete situational awareness when you need it most:
  • Autonomous vehicles – Pinpoint-accurate Non-GPS situational awareness.
  • Outdoors sports – Hand/Eyes/Ears/carefree navigation; Never look at a map again.
  • Defense – 3D Operational Effectiveness Sphere; Covert, tactile-based communication; Non-GPS navigation, situational awareness.

TrekAce technologies LTD will strive to meet the customer's demands and expectations, while continuously improving all areas of activity