TrekAce: a multi-disciplined navigational solution

TrekAce is a versatile navigational aid with applications in both the defense and public safety sectors. See its applications, below.

Public Safety

TrekAce is a powerful aid for Mountain Rescue teams, mountain guides, charities and other professionals who require complete peace-of-mind and hands-free navigation to protect themselves and others. At just 150g, TrekAce is lightweight and rugged, and is designed to cope with the most difficult environments known to man. For further information about TrekAce’s commercial applications, email


No other navigational aid on the market provides complete hands-free navigation with sensory commands. In a defense or private security setting, TrekAce is unrivalled. It is an invaluable navigation aid in harsh field conditions. It’s lightweight, rugged, water-resistant, shockproof, and is the perfect navigational aid for almost all military exercises, training, scenarios and environments – especially those where situational awareness, performance, timing and stealth are key factors. For further information about TrekAce’s military applications, email