How does it work?

The practical brilliance of TrekAce lies in the quality of its design and in the power of its technology. The ergonomic, lightweight TrekAce mount works in seamless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) conjunction with an advanced navigation app for iPhone and Android. Simply download the app, slip on the TrekAce, and get there – and back – quicker and safely. Handheld GPS units, RIP.

Using the TrekAce navigational system, you can:

  • Plan any route, anywhere – including unlimited pre-defined waypoints – in minutes
  • Use a pre-set course determined by Google or create your own. (The TrekAce app supports downloaded and/or recorded routes – In different formats and even if created by other navigation apps)
  • Go off-grid – internet connectivity isn’t needed
  • Organize your journey with a 1.8″ water-resistant touchscreen
  • Share your route with friends via social networks
  • Create on-the-go landmarks for future reference
  • Set the intensity of the directional vibrations
  • Turn the light settings on or off for night-covert activities
  • If you need to cover your forearm, don’t worry – rely on powerful vibrations rather than lights to guide you to your destination
  • Download your journey and key stats as a graphic at the click of a button
  • Navigate with hands-free, peace-of-mind in any weather and environment
  • Listen to your favourite music on-the-go
  • Deal easily with even the tightest turns faced on off-road curved trails. TrekAce will direct you


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All Features


Multi-Sensory Directions
Know the way, intuitively: TrekAce directs using powerful micro-vibrations to the skin and LEDs to guide the way, providing 3600 bearing coverage. With TrekAce you can literally feel your way from A to B, day or night, jungle or urban jungle without the need to stop and read a map – or to carry one at all.
Light and Sturdy
TrekAce is made of light-weight Silicon Rubber providing the device with flexibility, durability, water resistance and a slick look. Perfect for the great outdoors, whatever the weather.
Stay informed wherever you are: The TrekAce screen offers a wealth of information including a compass, current time, temperature, terrain/route elevation, longitude and latitude, azimuth and speed. Keep track of your trek’s distance and time from start point to destination, with set waypoints inbetween. Being travel-smart has never been so simple.