Ben Hooper


Ben Hooper14th July 2015

Ben was born in London, United Kingdom, and as a child moved within the UK and EU with his family and the British Army. As an adult Ben has served with the military, police and worked within mental health and Psychology. In his spare time, he writes fiction and is a 2* AIDA freediver and Open Water PADI scuba diver. His love of open water and swimming, is second only to being a father.

However, Ben’s inspirational story of surviving premature birth, collapsed lungs and death in ICU at birth, is highlighted further by his drowning at five-years of age in a swimming pool in Belgium, which only served to enthuse him and drive on his love of water and the sea. Swimming seemed a positive thing and during his teen years, Ben took part in a few long distance swims for charity and recreationally trained in the pool, with running and golf being his other passions. Yet as adulthood dawned, he moved to training for distance swimming, middle distance running and eventually, a period of triathlon amateur competition. Later, whilst living in Fuerteventura, he turned his focus to spending more time in the swimming pool and sea for freediving, scuba and long distance swimming but Ben remained a regular guy with a love of the open water and held his extraordinary dream close until now.