Forget the journey.

Life’s a race.


TrekAceTrekAce Unit

The next generation of wearable navigation

Mobile navigation has evolved. GPS handhelds are dying. Welcome to TrekAce, the 21st Century solution to total hands-free navigation. Handheld GPS – RIP.


Reliable, cutting-edge BLE technology with 1.8inch touchscreen


The world’s only forearm-mounted navigational aid. Only 150g


Focus on what counts – getting there and back quicker

Go further, go faster, go anywhere

Versatile, hands-free navigation for virtually any outdoor activity. From the world’s most extreme, demanding environments to the challenges of urban navigation, TrekAce gives adventurers peace of mind when they need it most. Using powerful vibrations and flashing lights, or both, the TrekAce is a truly intuitive navigational aid that can get you there – and back – safer and quicker. There’s no need to look down again – focus on the task at hand and let TrekAce guide you to your destination.


Go into the wild – and back again. The lightweight navigational aid for explorers, dreamers and discoverers


Because not every trail is a walk in the park. Lightweight, hands-free navigation for those with a one-track mind


Focus on the road ahead. Hands-free navigation for the journey


Hit the ground running. Get there quicker with the world’s first forearm-mounted navigational unit


Dominate the urban jungle. Essential hands-free navigation for urban adventurers


For beauty and beast. The ultimate hands-free navigational aid for nature lovers everywhere


For beauty and beast. The ultimate hands-free navigational aid for nature lovers everywhere


From dry runs to black runs. Versatile navigation on and off the piste


The new game changer. The TrekAce makes finding good sport, easier


Bringing the outdoors closer. Hands-free navigation for ultimate survival

Bringing the outdoors closer

From the world’s leading athletes to the occasional enthusiast, TrekAce offers peace of mind when you need it most. Whatever your direction, stay on course with TrekAce, the first forearm-mounted, hands-free navigational aid. Our TrekAce-sponsored athletes include these inspirational personalities:



Alex Flynn, ultra-endurance athlete

"The TrekAce looks like a fantastic bit of kit, and one that promises to simplify and enhance the navigation experience for all levels of athlete who depend on accurate directions every time"



Ben Hooper, pan-ocean swimmer and endurance athlete

"There are few things more important than navigation. Whether it's in the extreme wilderness or in a built environment, arriving at your destination safely is really all that counts. That's why the TrekAce is so important; it promises to revolutionize navigation by allowing users to enjoy and concentrate on the journey, rather than on a map."



Emma Massingale, adventurer and TV presenter

"For a professional adventurer who regularly spends prolonged periods in the remote wilderness, the importance of hands-free navigation cannot be over-stressed. Until now, devices have proved less than suitable for the task. The TrekAce device is everything that a full-time adventurer, and part-time enthusiast, needs to make it in the wild."